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What I have in common with Nicole Kidman

You may doubt that an international celebrity such as Nicole Kidman, may have quite a few things In Common with me… well let me tell you for over an hour today I literally sat and listened and was astounded that everything Nicole talked about I could relate to!

Am I mentally exhausted from being a mother and entrepreneur… yes!

Do I hope that my children grow to be sensitive, compassionate yet resilient adults…yes!

Is one of my inspirational women my sister, as is hers… yes!  Antonia Kidman is studying Law, after 6kids and at the age of 40!

Do I consider the impact my work has on my family every time I consider a new avenue or opportunity.. yes!

Do I want to inspire, guide and support other women around me and in business … absolutely!

You see, I know Nicole and I would be he best of friends with so much in common… but for now I’ll just have to be satisfied with lunch amongst 1500 women who are all amazing Business Chicks (member info here) and I few snapshots with the actress!

Of coarse it wouldn’t  be a meeting without us Gifting Nicole one of our custom designs! The signature crystal circle pendant was our gift to the amazing actress! Buy your pendant here.

Image: Crown Casino Palladium Room.

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2. Nicole Kidman

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