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New store – Reality TV show worth!

I have a new pilot idea for a television reality show. Based on the experiences and happenings over the last couple of weeks, whilst we commence a fitout of our new Boutique!

You heard it here first… we are opening another boutique in the inner city location of Hawthorn East!

And the drama of miscalculating mm’s and cms has already occurred, receiving the exterior paint for interior finishes to name a few.

The organising, planning and management of such a mammoth task is one that should be filmed. And hence I pitch this idea, on the condition that I have a hair and makeup professional on hand every morning!

We are super excited to be welcomed into the inner city “circle” and with our doors opening on the 13th June we welcome everyone to pop past for a peak!

* Come along to celebrate with us on the Saturday 24th June 10-3pm for our opening, click here for your invitation  celebration!

bFree iBare Boutique

421 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East


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What I have in common with Nicole Kidman

You may doubt that an international celebrity such as Nicole Kidman, may have quite a few things In Common with me… well let me tell you for over an hour today I literally sat and listened and was astounded that everything Nicole talked about I could relate to!

Am I mentally exhausted from being a mother and entrepreneur… yes!

Do I hope that my children grow to be sensitive, compassionate yet resilient adults…yes!

Is one of my inspirational women my sister, as is hers… yes!  Antonia Kidman is studying Law, after 6kids and at the age of 40!

Do I consider the impact my work has on my family every time I consider a new avenue or opportunity.. yes!

Do I want to inspire, guide and support other women around me and in business … absolutely!

You see, I know Nicole and I would be he best of friends with so much in common… but for now I’ll just have to be satisfied with lunch amongst 1500 women who are all amazing Business Chicks (member info here) and I few snapshots with the actress!

Of coarse it wouldn’t  be a meeting without us Gifting Nicole one of our custom designs! The signature crystal circle pendant was our gift to the amazing actress! Buy your pendant here.

Image: Crown Casino Palladium Room.

1. Provincial Living Magazine Editor – Debbie McKinstry, Journalist -Jessica Rowe and I

2. Nicole Kidman

3. Illustrator Megan Hess

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Adele Live in Melbourne caused a meltdown of emotions

About to sing Skyfall from the James Bond movie

Honestly speaking Adele is one of the only artists that can truly make me cry in 5 seconds of listening to her music. She is an artist that I have followed in detail on Instagram and social media over the years, and so when tickets where announced to her Melbourne concerts I literally stood in the shop hitting refresh 1000 times until I secured my seats.

The day arrived and the music was already playing on the radio driving in to see her, well done 101.1FM. 

Her first bellow out of Hello………sent shivers and all I could do was stare in admiration. The concert was superb. She is funny, clever and so down to earth, that she made the 65,000 guests fall in love with her all over again.

And for the ingenious Kiss Cam moments , I was crying from laughter of the couples they captured to share heir love and passion on the big scream!

We decided to gift her with one of our amazing Australian designer ALavu crystal pendant collections… slipping it to her managers before the concert. We pray and hope with all our hearts that she received our offering.

You can too have the same necklace that Adele was gifted on the night by clicking here.

Until we meet again Adele……..