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The Red Carpet Oscars 2017 – Best Dressed

It’s a yearly tradition that Oscars night, in our household is sacred! Well at least the hour before the actual award giving ceremony…. yes that’s right, everyone is glued to the Red carpet Fashions.

This year we are so pleased our own Australian actress Nicole Kidman is wearing a shimmery Mandala creation, which is subtle yet opulent all at the same time.

Recently I stumbled upon the world of Mandalas and am quite excited to see that this fashion style is accelerating on the catwalk! Checkout our own adaptations using artwork from celebrity artist Nathalie Dadian.

And our next best dressed, absolutely glowing due to her pregnancy is Rosie H-W, the contours of this dress is exquisite and she is a beautiful example of how women in all stages of pregnancy can look sexy, and sophisticated.

So all in all Oscars fashion styled celebrities have definitely lifted the mark this year! Cheers |drinking bubbly |

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