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New store – Reality TV show worth!

I have a new pilot idea for a television reality show. Based on the experiences and happenings over the last couple of weeks, whilst we commence a fitout of our new Boutique!

You heard it here first… we are opening another boutique in the inner city location of Hawthorn East!

And the drama of miscalculating mm’s and cms has already occurred, receiving the exterior paint for interior finishes to name a few.

The organising, planning and management of such a mammoth task is one that should be filmed. And hence I pitch this idea, on the condition that I have a hair and makeup professional on hand every morning!

We are super excited to be welcomed into the inner city “circle” and with our doors opening on the 13th June we welcome everyone to pop past for a peak!

* Come along to celebrate with us on the Saturday 24th June 10-3pm for our opening, click here for your invitation  celebration!

bFree iBare Boutique

421 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East


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Lady Gaga’s body image controversy at the Superbowl


February 2017 – GaGa Controversy

Driving in the car on the way to the office this morning, listening to the main stream radio hosts discussing Lady Gaga & the Superbowl…..

I am quite enraged of the media continuing to comment on Lady Gagas non existent stomach, which was on show at her performance at the Superbowl.

As a designer of a Lifestyle one size fit, clothing collection, every day we face the issue of body image and size.

Women please remember that every body is unique and impressive, Lady G in our opinion looked AMAZING, healthy, fit and super confident!

Let’s embrace this first before adding judgement.

Shop here some styles that would suit most of the women in our Universe no matter what size…